Stellar Places
WordPress Plugin

The Stellar Places WordPress Plugin is a powerful maps plugin that allows users to use Google Maps to display one or many locations in lots of awesome ways.

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Live Map Preview

Never wonder if the map marker will show up in the right place, with our live preview you can be sure the location is correct!

Location Pages

Each location has its own page where you can give more information. This is great for SEO!

Unlimited Locations / Maps

Whether you need to have one location with one map or hundreds of locations with several maps, we have you covered.

Mobile Friendly

Works on Android and iOS devices.  It is responsive and adapts to fit the width of the browser. No more scrolling to the right!

Easy Shortcode Embeds

Easily embed a static map with one location, or an interactive map with many locations.

Location Categories

You can categorize your locations and easily display a specific category on a map using a shortcode.

Putting a map into a WordPress site just became as easy as beating your cat at poker.

(can’t hold the cards, no opposable thumbs…)

Why haven't I downloaded this yet?

See Stellar Places in Action!

Still not convinced this map plugin is as great as our goofy site claims it is? That’s fine, we get it, take a look at the interactive map below and you can start to get a feel for what the Stellar Places WordPress Plugin has to offer.

Showcase Locations

With each location you can do much more than just show a pin marker. You can show off the location name, description, image and address!

Location Pages

When looking at any location a user can click on the image or title of that location to go to a page with more information. This is great for giving lots of detail and helps with SEO!


The Stellar Places WordPress Plugin is responsive so it will look great on your computer, tablet and smart phone. You can use it where ever you like!

Easy to Setup

We believe that putting an interactive map into a WordPress website should be easy, so we made it that way!


Uses the WordPress Interface

You already know WordPress and love it, so we made our plugin use the WordPress interface.


Addresses & GPS Coordinates

We make it easy to display a location by either the address or GPS coordinates.

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